Meet Our Founder

Diane Lewis

Founder and CEO

Diane Cutler Lewis is an educator, entrepreneur, and philanthropist committed to academic excellence. She began tutoring a friend's daughter and within one year, had 21 students from referrals. The best part was that she loved her students and her students poured laughter and love into Diane's heart. Tutoring quickly became her passion and life purpose. 

She founded A+ In Home Tutors in 2003 to promote educational awareness and customized learning for students of all backgrounds and grade levels. The organization has grown to be one of the leading tutoring partners to many Charter Schools and community partners throughout California. In 2021, Diane launched Firefly Tutors, presented by A+ In Home Tutors, to continue to expand tutoring services with the goal of more positively impacting greater numbers of students in all 50 states. 

Diane earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from California State University Northridge, majoring in Liberal Studies and Education with a California Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential in K-8th grade learning. 

Diane’s career in education was inspired by her father, Morris Cutler. In 2019, she published Education Warrior, an inspirational memoir of her father that highlights his global impact on education in Afghanistan, Kenya, and California. Also as a tribute to her father, she founded, a not-for-profit created to provide much-needed tutoring for vulnerable at-risk children of families with high hopes but little money who are the most likely to drop out of school.  

In addition to her passion for making education accessible to all, Diane embraces travel, people from diverse cultures, delicious foods, art, music, theatre and enjoys an active, healthy lifestyle in Anaheim, California.

Diane Lewis

Founder and CEO

Our Story

What we believe

We believe every student deserves the opportunity to develop to their highest potential. Unfortunately, many students fall through the cracks with traditional education. We offer customized multi sensory integration to maximize the learning experience.

What we do

Selecting the right tutor can be a challenging process. We guide parents through the process with exceptional customer service and helpful information to assure your student is matched with the best tutor to help them succeed. Our experienced tutors are experts at relating curriculum to your student’s interests and hobbies. This unique combination of understanding students’ needs and matching your student with the right tutor and learning solution helps to deliver exceptional academic results. 

What guides us

What is best for students is what guides us. For any action we take, our strategic lens, or North Star, is “how will this benefit students?” 

Our Leadership Team

Carla Michaels

Regional Manager

Carla joined our Firefly Team as Regional Manager in 2016. Using her exceptional communication and relational skills she connects parents to quality tutors to help students learn, develop self-confidence, and achieve academic success. She resides in San Francisco, and enjoys interior design, seeing films, writing poetry, and loves animals.

Natalie Eddy

Regional Manager

Natalie is Regional Manager for Firefly Tutors and joined our team in 2019. Her strong passion for education began during high school and college, tutoring over 400 students herself! Natalie brings a high level of creativity and enthusiasm that helps students to reach their highest potential and become confident learners.

David Dabney

Marketing Manager

David leads our Firefly Tutors marketing team and is responsible for the company’s website, social media, and brand positioning. Prior, he was Director of Marketing, Sales, Social Media, and Family Outreach for a popular family fun park. David resides in Cleveland, Ohio with his wife Anna and their menagerie of four-legged kids.

Tutor Of The Month

Sophie Stauffer

Founder and CEO


Firefly Tutors honors Sophie Stauffer as our June Tutor of the Month. While she has lived in three different states, Sophie is currently located in San Jose, CA. As a tutor, her personal favorite subjects include reading, writing, and social studies or history.

Sophie values the importance of building the confidence of her students. Sophie’s favorite tip to help her students learn is to allow students to make choices whenever possible. She suggests even proposing small choices such as, “would you rather practice fractions or word problems next?” Sophie emphasizes that this practice “gives students agency of your time with them.”

One of Sophie’s favorite success stories as a tutor highlights her ability to build confidence within her students. She began tutoring a student who came off as very shy as the student was hesitant with conversation originally. After working together, Sophie stated, “Now she gets excited to read to me and eagerly tells me about what we’ve been learning together.”

In order to best accommodate various learning techniques that students may require, Sophie “finds different strategies to help each student”. This unique challenge allows Sophie to “really get to know the students along the way.”

Sophie’s enthusiasm for education stems from her passion for reading and writing. An interesting fact about her is that she wrote her Master’s thesis on incorporating young adult literature into high school English classes. When she is not enlightening others through education, Sophie enjoys reading, hiking, gardening, and playing with her pug.

We are so grateful for Sophie and all of the life lessons that she teaches her students. Sophie, congratulations on being selected as our June Tutor of the Month.

Sophie Stauffer

Meet Our Tutors

Emiliano Noriega-Petti.

May Tutor of the Month

Located in Whittier, California, he has been tutoring most subjects for over a decade. Emiliano’s personal favorite subject matter being English, as his father was a librarian. Emiliano’s passion for tutoring is at its highest when he is assisting students in their journey to getting into college. In addition, he is passionate about helping to pair students’ personal life goals with applicable majors.

Joseph Previtali

April Tutor of the Month

From Woodside, California, Joseph has been educating others for over ten years. “My proudest moment as a tutor is whenever a student, especially one who was struggling, achieves mastery of an important concept.” At Firefly Tutors, we value tutors celebrating the victories of their students.

Eliza Ross

April Tutor of the Month

Eliza is from Apple Valley, California and while she is best versed in anatomy, physiology, and math, she tutors all subjects from Kindergarten through 12th grade. “What I love most about tutoring is that I am actively engaged with the minds of our future,” says Eliza. “I enjoy seeing how much progress students make and the joy that radiates from their faces when they know they have accomplished something great.”

Bo Neshat

March Tutor of the Month

A resident of Riverside, California, Bo has been tutoring with A+ In-Home Tutors for over seven years. What Bo loves most about being a tutor is the fulfillment he receives through supporting his students to achieve success. “My greatest reward comes when I see that light in my student’s eyes,” says Bo.

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How do I know if tutoring is right for my student?

If your student is falling behind or struggling in school, this could be a sign that tutoring is needed. Your student may seem to lack confidence or lose interest in learning. These are also signs that tutoring could help. Our first step is to learn more about your student’s situation. We will provide you guidance based on our years of experience to identify if tutoring is right for your student. 

What is the best form of tutoring for my student - online or in-home?

It depends. There is strong evidence that in-home tutoring is the most effective for most students. However, with evolving tools for online learning, this model can be as effective as well. After learning more about your student and your family situation, we will recommend what’s best for your student.

How do you select a tutor for my student?

At Firefly Tutors, we spend the time upfront to understand your student’s learning style, hobbies, and specific learning needs. We then match your student with a tutor who defines a personalized plan for your student. We do not offer ‘cookie-cutter’ learning plans. Everything we deliver at Firefly Tutors is tailored to your student’s needs. 

What about pod learning? How does that work?

Pod learning is designed to teach groups of students. Participating students can be from multiple families or within the same family. Often pods are created by parents who have joined together to help their respective students as a group. Learning pods can be as small as 2 to 3 students or as large as 4 to 6 students. Pod learning offers the benefit of social interaction with other students along with the learning experience. Depending on the situation, pod learning can also be less expensive per student. Firefly Tutors can help assess if pod learning is a good fit for your student or family.

What results should I expect from tutoring?

At a minimum, you should expect that your student achieves learning success in the subject or subjects needed. With Firefly Tutors you can expect more. Our tutors help your student learn the academic material but also help your student build life skills and confidence for successful learning in the future. 

What cities or locations do you offer tutoring?

We offer tutoring across the United States. No matter what your location in the U.S., we can help.

There are a lot of options for tutoring services. What makes Firefly Tutors different?

Firefly Tutors believes every student deserves the opportunity to develop to their full potential. We take the time to understand your student’s learning style to match your student with the tutor that has the experience and skills that are right for your student. Our experienced tutors design a personalized multi-sensory learning experience for your student based on their learning needs. Unlike other tutoring firms, Firefly Tutors helps students learn valuable life skills beyond the classroom. Our goal at Firefly Tutors is to help your student discover their light and illuminate their potential.

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